Aaliyah Salazaar, 14-year old girl from Monte Vista, Colorado, in the United States was shot in the head while recording TikTok videos with her friends.

Three persons have reportedly been arrested and charged by the authorities in relation to the tragic incident that took place on Thursday night, according to the KUSA television station.

According to the report, Emiliano Vargas, age 21, and two unnamed minors were charged in connection with the occurrence, which “may be an accident.”

radio station, KRDO, reported that one of the young suspects was messing with gun when he threw it to another young person, who “caught the gun and did not know how to hold the gun and shot it.”

Even though she acknowledged that the gun was pointed at the Salazaar and fired on, one of the suspects reportedly said that “it could have been an accident.”

For their involvement in the incident, both of the young suspects are charged of reckless manslaughter.

Although Vargas, the gun’s owner, was not there at the time of the occurrence, he was charged with giving a minor access to a firearm because one of the suspects had easy access to it.

Her family has spoken to journalists about their grief, and the authorities are determined in seeking justice for the deceased.

It is difficult. William Salazar, the victim’s father, told KUSA that it was difficult to put into words.

She could enter a store and leave with 20 new friends. She was just that type of person. Gary Salazar, Aaliyah’s grandfather, remarked, “She liked people, and people loved her.