Tanzanian Plane crash: 19 found deaths, 24 survives in Tanzania plane crash 

The Tanzanian plane that crashed on Sunday 6th November claimed 19 lives as of the time of filling this report. Meanwhile, 24 people survived and were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

The Tanzanian plane crashed was confirmed by Precision Air. In the statement issued shortly after the crashed, the crashed has been blamed on Bad weather.

The airline had this to say “Precision Air regret to confirm that 19 fatalities and 24 survivors have been now been reported by the emergency services at the scene of the accident involving PW-494 which crashed at Lake Victoria in Bukoba today.”

“Report on the Tanzanian plane crash suggested that it wasn’t immediately clear if the 19 victims included rescuers who drowned or the 48-seater aircraft had more people on board than previously disclosed,” a regional officer said.

He went ahead to say that: “we are continuing to investigate,” there is possibility that two people were not onboard but died during the rescue effort”

Tanzanian Air, which is Tanzanian’s largest privately owned airline, said it had dispatched rescuers to the scene.

“An investigation team consisting of Precision Air technical staff and Tanzania Airport Authority has also departed to join the rescue team on the ground,” the airline said in a statement.”

The Kagera province police commander, William Mwampaghale, confirmed to the journalist that “we have managed to save quite a number of people”

“When the aircraft was about 100 meters midair, it encountered problems and bad weather. It was raining and the plane plunged into the water. Everything is under control.”

The President of Tanzania speaking about the Tanzanian plane crash called for calm during the rescue operation.

He had this to say; “I have received with sadness the news of the accident involving Precision Air’s plane. Let’s be calm at this moment when rescuers are continuing with the rescue mission while praying to God to help us.”