As President Bio returns from vacation to a country torn apart by hate and political strife, the headquarters of the Sierra Leone Police today released its interim report into yesterday’s street protests, which resulted in the deaths of four police officers and several civilians.

The people of Sierra Leone are searching for explanations as the dust settles tonight, trying to figure out how their country could have allowed itself to fall into such catastrophe.

The main opposition APC party has already been deemed guilty of encouraging, if not orchestrating, the protest in the eyes of the general public by supporters of the ruling SLPP and a few government ministries.

The following is the remark made today by Prince Harding, the head of the SLPP, which many people believe is equivalent to pouring kerosene on a fire:

“Violent demonstrations, insurgency, and terrorist takeover.

“The Sierra Leone Peoples Party is outraged by the despicable events of Monday, August 8, which flared up yesterday, August 10, 2022, when some disgruntled people tried to forcefully seize power. The SLPP categorically denounces the attempt to usurp power from the democratically elected government as an abominable conduct.

“Since April 2018, when the people of Sierra Leone gave President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP the reins of government, certain disgruntled and disheartened individuals have threatened to hinder the peace and security of the nation. Under the shrewd leadership of President Bio, the main opposition APC has continuously focused its efforts on ruffling the smooth sail of Sierra Leone. It all began when their defeated presidential candidate said, regrettably, that he would make the nation incapable of being governed after losing the election in March 2018.

“Since then, there have been several attempts at actualising that statement. It started with a pattern of arson in which some buildings were targeted and condescended to calls for resistance to state security which has now degenerated to an attempted take over of government.

“It’s now abundantly clear that the whole process was sponsored, engineered & implemented by the APC & its apparatchiks. In addition to d audios & videos made by their leaders & supporters, the so-called protests took place in selected areas perceived to be their strongholds, buildings & structures identified as SLPP owned were vandalized and in some cases gutted down and SLPP leader/members were beaten-up & properties looted or damaged.

The SLPP was implicitly represented by the police who were assaulted, beaten, and killed in broad daylight. Unfortunately, this insurgency was aided by the UN representative’s remark made before it began.

“We call on the security forces to exercise greater vigilance and alertness in carrying out their noble duty of defending the lives of the Sierra Leonean people. We express our deepest condolences to the families of the cops who died in the course of duty after being cruelly murdered. They shouldn’t have perished in that manner. The party will get in touch with the officers’ families; their families are in our thoughts and prayers.

“We call on the international community and the moral guarantors of Sierra Leone’s peace accord to take necessary steps to engage all actors. We urge citizens and our supporters to be law abiding and carry on with their normal duties. Signed: Dr. Prince Alex Harding, Chairman.”

The number of police officers killed by irrational, psychotic youths is confirmed in the police report, which makes for grim reading. What the report says is as follows:

One must wonder if it is possible to remain hopeful for a brighter future for Sierra Leone in the face of such widespread rage and hatred among some segments of society as the people of Sierra Leone interpret and process this interim police report.

Although this is not the first time such prophetic appeals have been made, many people in Sierra Leone are pleading for divine intervention.