A 45-year-old Nigerian man died in India after suspected drug tablets he was allegedly smuggling exploded in his stomach.

Police sources claimed that the deceased identified as Ibrahim arrived from Nigeria to Pune around ten years ago and was married to an Indian woman from the Kondhwa

According to reports, Ibrahim’s wife reported him missing, and he was later discovered dead in Delhi.

Ibrahim’s wife reportedly declared him missing to Pune’s Kondwa Police Station after he suddenly went missinge, according to an ETV Bharat article that was broadcast on Friday, August 19.

The case was turned over to the Mira Nagar Police station for additional investigation when investigators discovered that Ibrahim used to meet his friend Andy in the Mira Nagar area.

A delegation from the Mira Nagar Police Station was sent to Delhi after learning that Ibrahim had passed away there.

Within a few days, the investigators learned that Ibrahim’s post-mortem report was housed at the Delhi police station Narela.

According to police sources, the detectives learned that Ibrahim had been hospitalized to Delhi’s AIIMS Hospital because of abdominal pain.

They further revealed that Ibrahim even tried to escape from the hospital as he was allegedly carrying drug capsules in his stomach, but he failed to escape.

Ibrahim had drugs in his stomach, according to an autopsy report, the police claimed.

Inspector Aviraj Kurade of the Mira Road police station told ETV Bharat that the police informed Ibrahim’s wife of his death and that a procession to identify the corpse was also held.