According to reports, Ifeoma, a 33-year-old woman who sells wine at Kola market in Lagos State, has been arrested by the Ogun State police for allegedly causing the death of her landlord by grabbing his manhood.

Despite the allegations against her, Ifeoma denies killing her landlord.

“I rented an apartment in the house in June last year, and I have been staying there since then,” she stated in her account of what happened between her and her landlord.

“Everything started when an agent brought me to the house, I was told that I would pay N210,000 for a room flat, the annual payment was N110,000, and that the agent’s commission and agreement was N100,000. But getting to the apartment, I discovered that there was no running water and not even traces of pipe and borehole. So, I told them I couldn’t pay for the house because I couldn’t be looking for where to fetch water on the streets. Then, he promised to make the borehole with my house rent. So, I was convinced and I paid. But after I paid, the landlord refused to give the agents his share of the money. So, I had to give them an extra N20,000. Had I known, I would have collected my money”, she said

Miss Ifeoma also add that she complained so many times about the living situation in the apartment but nothing was done from the landlord’s side.

“But the ugly incident happened on Monday when my landlord, came out and attacked me when he heard that I had been saying that I would not pay when my money expires. I asked him if he were to be in my shoes and he was cheated, what would he have done”?

“but He said if I would not pay, I should pack out and the wife joined and started calling me a call girl and it resulted in a fight and the man slapped me. The wife scratched my face and body.”

After the fight, I went back to my apartment. I planned to go to the police to report the case with blood on my face. But 30 minutes later, I heard people screaming. So, I went out and Daddy David said my landlord had collapsed. I rushed into their house and saw the man my landlord unconscious and he was in a position of making a call because the phone was on his cheek as if he was on a call.”

“They rushed him to hospital and he was pronounced dead there They brought him back home and everyone was saying the man knew he was hypertensive and still went ahead to fight. I got to know that he was alone in the room when he had the attack.

All I could do at this moment was to stay in my room and wait for the police because I know that I didn’t kill him.

People told the police that he collapsed after fighting and I was surprised the next day when they started saying I held him by his manhood. I was surprised and I asked his brother why he lied because he saw all that happened between us.” Ifeoma said

  1. The police are still on the matter.′