According to Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, a man who is stingy cannot be the president of Nigeria.

This was said by him in a now-viral video on Wednesday during a crusade service in Enugu.

He stated in the video,

Our president cannot be a stingy man. We’re already famished. We require a kindhearted person. Nigerians lack food. Are we not famished?

Meanwhile, Nigerians have urged the Catholic Church to discipline the clergy on numerous occasions.

Nigerians have responded to this development on social media:

@PastorBlessid, Even after telling Peter Obi that God was involved and connecting it to winning the election, Mbaka was unable to force Peter Obi to do something he didn’t want to. Peter maintained his integrity. We won’t give, SHI SHI. His perseverance and clearly stated savings are both 100%. Competence!

@mrstanlei, “I admire Rev. Fr. Mbaka greatly because I was nurtured in the Roman Catholic church and was born and raised there.. However, at this time, not even Pope Francis, much less Fr. Mbaka, who advised us to vote for Buhari, can convince me not to cast my ballot for Peter obi.

@uggoprince, “Actually, this election is telling us a lot….. From everyone—pastor, priest, politician, activist, celebrities etc. Consider Father Mbaka telling you he doesn’t want you to vote for Peter Obi because he wasn’t able to convince him to donate to his ministry in the name of God. ‘God is alive,’