Lizzy Gold, a well-known Nollywood actress, has revealed one of the causes behind the kidnapping of Nollywood actors.

Her post follows the weekend abduction of two veteran actors Clemson Cornel and Cynthia Okereke in Enugu.

After they failed to return home from a shooting site in Ozalla Town, Enugu State, their family members reported them missing.

The kidnappers have contacted the family in the interim and are now requesting payment of $100,000 to ensure the victims’ release.

Following the incident, Lizzy said on her Instagram page that kidnappers are now targeting Nollywood actresses because they think they are wealthy as a result of the reported net worth of Nollywood stars that has been made public online.

She showed a screenshot of her online biography in which it was stated that she was worth $400,000 (more than N160 million). She claimed that posts of this nature give kidnappers the impression that actors are rich.

She wrote;

“This is one of the reasons actors are been kidnapped ..they think we are so rich …I need to arrest the person behind this lies…

I am working hard to be wealthy but am currently not close to any of that amount mentioned there… I nor get money ooo I be hustler ooo …I Dey even find who go dash me money …pls do not believe anything you read on the internet…”