The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been dragged to Abuja court over an alleged certificate forgery by Mike Enahoro-Ebah.

The APC candidate is being sued by a lawyer and human rights activist for lying under oath, certificate forgery and fabricating his age.

At the Chief Magistrate Court in Wuse Zone 6, Abuja, Enahoro-Ebah brought three distinct direct criminal allegations.

In the instances designated CR/121/2022, CR/122/2022, and CR/123/2022, respectively, the lawyer is the complainant, although Tinubu is the only defendant.

He claimed to have submitted an application through Mathew J. Kowals, a Chicago-based attorney, who on August 12 issued a lawyer subpoena against the university in case number: 22-L-007289, ordering the institution to mail him (Kowals) all documents and records relating to Tinubu in their possession.

Enahoro-Ebah claimed that copies of the certificate from Chicago State University, academic records, a form for undergraduate admission, a General Certificate of Education from the University of Cambridge, and a copy of the transcript from Southwest College (now City College of Chicago) were later sent to him. He then attached these copies to the court documents as exhibits.

He said:

Curiously, the information contained in the documents and school records received from Chicago State University contradict material information provided by the defendant in his sworn Form EC-9 submitted to INEC.”

According to Enahoro-Ebah, Tinubu falsely claimed in his sworn Form EC-9 submission to INEC that the APC presidential candidate who attended Chicago State University was born in 1952 and not 1954.

He claimed that Tinubu’s sworn Form EC-9, which was submitted to INEC on June 17, and the certificate published by Chicago State University “are fundamentally different.”

He claimed that, in addition to having separate university logos on both certificates, different grammatical structure on the front of the certificates, and different signatures, both certificates had different university issuance dates (June 22, 1979, and June 27, 1979), among other things.