A nursing mother named Salimot Ajibola was abducted by unknown gunmen in the Rounder area of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

She was abducted when she was in a car with her husband on Thursday evening.

It was learnt that the couple were trying to enter their house by car when they were attacked by kidnappers and fled with his wife.

The husband was found unconscious after hitting the husband in the head during the attack.

He regained consciousness and learned that the kidnappers had fled with his wife, leaving behind their maid and the baby.

In the hours following the abduction, the kidnappers wanted N25 million from the family as ransom for their release.

While negotiations was going on, the ransom was lowered to 15 million N. The family called and set 3 million. naira

3 million naira was delivered to the place indicated by the kidnappers. After they received the money, Salimot was released on Saturday evening.

A relative of the victim, who introduced herself as Aina said “Ogun State, especially Abeokuta, has became something else. I never dreamed that something like this would happen to a loved one. This is very sad. The family went to hell to earn money. The baby was crying for the breast. It was a painful experience,”

She claimed that despite the police and neighborhood watch members searching the bushes in vain, they were unable to find the woman.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police spokesman for Ogun state, verified the event. On Sunday night, he claimed that he was unaware of the ransom that had been paid for the kidnapped woman’s release.

“She has been released, but I have no idea if a ransom was paid. People won’t alert the police if they want to pay the kidnapper. So we don’t know if the ransom was paid.