Ben Murray-Bruce, a former East Bayelsa Senator, has announced the death of his mother, Madame Margaret Murray Bruce.




He said his mother passed away at 4:40 am on Tuesday.

Via Twitter, the senator shared that he found solace in knowing that he had given his mother all the attention he could for her life.

Ben Bruce wrote,

“In fact, life is like sand in the wind; it is here today and gone tomorrow. Mom has passed away. She passed away this morning at 4:40. She is no longer my priceless diamond, my pillar of strength, my greatest friend, or anything else that I depended on.

“My solace is that during her lifetime, I gave her everything I had—including my presence, my time, and everything else—instead of simply what money could buy..

“I have gone to her house countless times only to give her hugs and play with her out of pure love, the kind of love that only sons share with their mothers. My mother, you are loved and missed. This one hurts so much. forever yours