Nigerians visiting the United States, the United Kingdom, and some other European nations have been warned by the Federal Government to be cautious because thieves may target their personal property.

The statement was made on Monday, November 28, in Abuja by Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, at the Fifth Edition of the PMB Administration Scorecard, 2015-2023.

According to him, there have been numerous reports of valuables being stolen, including Nigerians’ passports, making it crucial to alert their countrymen.

He said:

“The government has become aware that Nigerian visitors visiting the US and certain European nations are increasingly having their personal possessions, particularly cash and international passports, stolen.

“Travelers to the UK are the most recent victims of this, the majority of whom had their possessions taken from them in upscale stores, mainly on Oxford’s high street.

“We have consequently made the decision to encourage Nigerians visiting Europe and the United States to exercise extra caution in order to prevent losing their possessions.

“This travel warning is distinctive from others. Such issuance is under the purview of both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassies/high commissions. It is basically some advice for Nigerians who might be traveling to the affected regions of the world.”

The advice comes one month after US and UK authorities warned citizens not to travel to Abuja, Nigeria, due to a possible terror threat.