President Joe Biden on Friday selected Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the country’s Supreme Court. She is the first black woman in US history to serve the country Supreme Court.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be joining the Supreme Court, and I’m delighted to announce this, Biden stated. She has one of the best legal minds in the country and will make an outstanding Justice.

The president will formally announce his decision on Friday evening in a meeting with Jackson, the White House said.

Jackson, 51, was appointed to the Federal Bank in 2013 and was backed by three Republican senators last year when she was promoted to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which is seen as a stage for ambitious Chief Justices.

When one liberal judiciary replaces another, the message will not change the ideological composition of the court — but it is a big moment for Biden personally and politically.

White House officials hope this will bring several days of positive news coverage ahead of the President’s speech on Tuesday.

The election gave the government a chance to escape a string of bad news in recent months, with Biden’s domestic agenda stalled amid unprecedented inflation and a sharp fall in poll numbers.

The announcement was an opportunity for Biden to show the black voters who saved his failed 2020 primary campaign that he can take care of them after the recent loss of voting rights law.