According to reports a hostel was robbed last night (identified as Yellow hostel) after BlackBerry hostel. The hostel is located at outskirt of Bishop’s court alliance, Imo State University.

It was reported that the robbers broke into the hostel around midnight (about 23:00) and stole cell phones, laptops and other valuables from the occupants. During the robbery a guy (identified as IKENNA) was killed. Occupants were not able to immediately report the unfortunate incident via phone.

Following the report, the young man did not die in the hostel immediately. He was taken to a hospital and was later refered to FMC while he died. Some comments also say girls were raped and others wounded.

The occupants of the hostel had temporarily evacuated the hostel out of fear of Police mass arrest.

Bishop’s court Alliance president Comr. Pascal had visited the place and according to findings, statement had been made to the police and things are seemingly taken care of.

The room of the deceased is locked as his people are expected to visit and claim his properties.

The incident is still under investigation as the killers/robbers Are yet to be identified.