With plans to launch a movement that supports polygamy, Barr. Ogbuchukwu Makuo Lotanna recently announced his resignation as a priest in the Anglican Diocese.

Polygamy is acceptable in Reverend Ogbuchukwu’s perspective. He claimed that he has taken his time to learn the polygamy facts, which the church has been keeping secret for a very long time. He stated that he has been given a divine mandate by God to form the ‘Gideonites’ movement, which will promote polygamy, and that their place of worship will be called ‘Gideonites temple’.

Reverend Ogbuchukwu who is also a lawyer has also advised men to marry their side chicks, instead of sleeping around with women who they’re not married to. He said that it will help in reducing sexual immorality

Reverend Ogbuchukwu also stated that “God detests unnecessary divorce and not polygamy”.