As Nigeria nears elections, protesters stormed former President Goodluck Jonathan’s private office in Abuja on Friday, urging him to declare for 2023 presidential election.

The group, made up of men, women and youth, stormed the office with posters and leaflets urging the former president to join the race.

“We need you to rebuild Nigeria, ” according to some of the posters with Jonathan’s image on them.

Supporters say the former president has a template for restoring Nigerian pride and instilling a sense of belonging to all Nigerians.

A spokesman for the group, Mayor Samuel, who is also the organizer of the Youth Compatriots of Nigeria said: “We were duped and brainwashed by those who said they could do it in 2015.

“”These days, we are wiser; when Jonathan was in office, the minimum wage could buy one or two bags of rice. What do we have today? We are pleading with President Jonathan to pardon us; we are aware of our errors and want him to come back and finish the job he started.