Two helicopters collided over the coastline at a popular tourist area in Australia, killing a British couple, according to NBC on Tuesday.

NBC reported that in addition to the British tourists, an Australian pilot and a woman also killed in the collision.

The second helicopter’s pilot was able to make a safe landing on a sand dune near Main Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast, according to Sea World Helicopters, which operated the two helicopters.

According to Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell, he said:

“Considering the damage that was done to the front left-hand section of the helicopter, where the pilot was sitting, that has been a remarkable achievement. 

“So whilst it has been very tragic that four people have lost their lives and many people are mourning this morning, we could have had a far worse situation here and the fact that one helicopter managed to land has been quite remarkable.”

Ashley Jenkinson, the pilot who passed away, had been working with Sea World Helicopters as a chief pilot since 2019.