There are evidence that the Catholic Diocese of Enugu has lifted the pastoral Injunction prohibiting Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka from holding events at the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN).

Fr. Mbaka in a statement by himself on Thursday announcing the re-opening said:

“To the glory of God, Adoration Ministries starts on Sunday 2nd October , 2022 with 10am Mass. God bless you miraculously as you come Joyfully to worship God with us. Fr Mbaka Ejike Camillus.”

It was reported that Bishop Callistus Onaga, on June 3 banned the Spiritual Director of AMEN, Mbaka from interfering on partisan politics.

The Bishop had ordered all Catholics to stop going to the ministry until further notice in a pastoral injunction regarding attendance at Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplaincy Enugu.

The Bishop also advised Catholic faithful to pray for Mbaka.

Onaga had said;

“In the light of the happenings in the Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplaincy Enugu; capable of undermining the Catholic faith and teachings; and after several fraternal corrections and admonitions to Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka, the Chaplain of the Ministry; and after having given him pastoral directives and guidelines for the Ministry Chaplaincy, which he persistently violated; and in fulfilment of my pastoral duties as the Chief Shepherd with the obligation to promote and safeguard the Catholic faith and morals in Enugu Diocese, I hereby prohibit all Catholics (clergy, religious and lay faithful) henceforth from attending all religious and liturgical activities of the Catholic Adoration Ministry until the due canonical process initiated by the Diocese is concluded.”

“My decision is based on the fact that some of the teachings and utterances of Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka at the Catholic Adoration Ministry are not consistent with the teachings and faith of the Catholic Church.”

The ban followed Mbaka’s partisan politics and political comments against the Labour Party candidate Mr. Peter Obi.

Meanwhile, the church has maintained the ban on Father Mbaka from partaking in political matters.