The United State Central District Court in California yesterday did sentence Nigerian born, Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Huspuppi, to 11 years in a U.S prison for international internet fraud, however, having spent 2 years already in the prison, he’ll be required to spend just 9 years.

In his last appeal to Judge Otis Wright ahead of this scheduled sentencing on the 19th of September, the Instagram big boy wrote a personal letter to the court explaining his source of wealth, criminal adventure and regret.

He apologized to his family members for been a source of shame while commending the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for doing a very thorough job in bringing him to justice.

On the 19th of September, his sentencing was delayed by the Judge, which was scheduled for the 3rd of November. Initially, the Judge had rejected the plea of the defendant’s motion for delay of judgment.

He was finally sentenced to 11 years in prison by the United States Central District Court in California.

The U.S government last month did urge the District Court in Central California to sentence the controversial Nigerian to 135 month in jail for fraudulent activities.

It gave reasons for proposing the equivalent of 11 years and three month jail time for Hushpuppi in its court filings.

The prosecutor claimed to be one of the very best cleaners in the prison where he has been remanded since his arrest in 2021.

Report gathered from his report card for Central Valley workshop for prisoners indicated that between July 2021 when Hushpuppi enrolled and November 2021 when he was done with his work, that he had put up “very good” in attitude, quality of work, dependability and productivity.

Recall that Hushpuppi, an international fraudster, was arrested in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate (UAE) in June 2020 over an extensive fraudulent scheme that has actually robbed victims of their money in the U.S, Qatar, United Kingdom, and some other places.