A newborn twin was reportedly seized by a private hospital in Warri, Delta State, for failure to pay a N383,500 hospital bill.

According to press reports, Mrs. Akpesiri Ojiko, the mother of the twins, gave birth to the two children on November 17, 2022, at the general hospital in Warri.

Due to a shortage of vacant hospital beds, the general hospital referred one of the babies to the private hospital, Unique Health Medical Center.

Mrs. Ojiko narrated her struggle and made an appeal to the Delta State government and well-meaning people for help in paying the hospital bill so she could see her baby.

She said:

“I gave birth to a male and a female on November 17 of last year at the general hospital in Warri, but the hospital management informed us that they did not have enough beds to accommodate the babies and could not keep the two babies in one bed.

“They began calling some of the clinics to refer the baby, but we declined since we are aware that some of the clinics they are mentioning and we informed them that they are expensive and unable to pay their bills. Finally, they suggested we visit Unique Health Medical Center in Warri, thus we had no choice but to do so.”

“The baby was supposed to be discharged on November 27, 2022, but the hospital detained the baby and won’t release it unless we pay the outstanding balance.

“The total before my sister’s contribution of N50,000 is N433,500. We paid N50,000 to have brought by my sister and the remaining N383,500 would be paid to have my baby released.

“My baby is around a month old, and some weeks but the hospital won’t even let me see the female baby, I haven’t set my eyes on the baby for a month now.  I’m pleading with the governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, and others to assist me.”

Additionally, it was reported that Mr. Destiny Ojiko, a Keke operator who had fled in frustration after discovering the medical bill would cost N433,500, had reappeared, pleading for assistance.

When hospital staff were contacted, the doctor in charge stated that the female twin can not be released to her mother unless the remaining sum of N382,500 was paid.