The incident reportedly took place on Saturday, March 19 at the family’s compound in Isiokolo Ethiope East council area of the state.

The assaulter, Mercy Oba, noticed that the station and her fish were tampered, She got angry and entered the little girl’s room attacked her.

Igho’s cries attracted the her blind mother, who begged her sister not to beat her. Despite the pleas of Igho’s mother, Mercy even damaged the hymen by inserting pepper and sticks into the girl’s vagina.

Human rights activist Kelvin Ejumudo told reporters that he understood the atrocities and quickly drove his colleagues to the field. And rescue the victims.

He said:

“Mercy Oba is the sister to the blind woman. The blind woman’s daughter, Igho, went to her room and took garri and fish,” Ejumudo explained.

“When the auntie met her in the room and asked ‘why are you stealing my food? Igho said they (herself and mother) were hungry

“She started beating the little girl. The blind mother managed to find her way down and pleaded for her to leave Igho, but she started to beat her too. The next thing, she carried the little girl to her room, put pepper in her private part and drove a stick into her vagina.

“People came and were holding her, but she threw their load outside, that they will no longer stay in the house. The next thing, she said she would kill them and nothing would happen

“I got the distress call that she’s an Igbo woman, so she feels that her juju will protect her. She felt untouchable. We swung into action and got her arrested. She was detained in our presence and medical care was given to the girl and her blind mother.”

According to him, the doctor said that the girl’s hymen was damaged when her aunt forcibly poked her private part with a stick.

He added that the charges would be presented to the court on Monday.

DSP Command spokesman Bright Edafe, who confirmed the incident on Sunday, said her aunt is in police custody.