A lady came out and claimed that some Yahoo boys were involved in a fatal accident after they made fun of a Portharcourt minister, Pastor David Ibiyeomie

 David Ibiyeomie Speaks

Pastor David Ibeyiome

This comes after the salvation minister Head pastor said cyber fraudsters who duped people of their money and buying cars with fraudulent money would die in car crash.

Early Friday, January 28, a woman named Archibomg Kemkem took to her Facebook page to share a chat with someone who claims some Yahoo people made fun of the pastor for cursing them had a fatal accident and everyone else died except the taxi driver who did not mock the pastor.

She wrote her post:

Don’t insult God’s servant without reason. If you don’t like what he says or says. Keep quiet. You are not the one who called him and you cannot dictate what he will say. Pope David Ibiyeomie is no ordinary prophet. The Word of GOD is not to be made fun of. He who has ears let him hear. Peace “