In preparation for the 2023 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate, has started making new steps to redeem his reputation among the Benue people.

The former vice president pledged to steadfastly support the Benue people throughout difficult times when he addressed on Thursday, November 17, at the 82nd Synod of the Universal Reformed Christian Church, also known as NKST, in Mkar, Benue State.

Atiku claimed that his administration will be based on the strong basis of the rule of law. And he was duly represented by Professor Iorwuese Hagher and Hon. Chille Igbawua of the PDP campaign council.

“My party, the PDP, is sensitive to the balance of power between Christianity and Islam in this country. “For us to have a good life where peace is assured, and we are guaranteed liberty and pursuit of happiness.

“Those who fail to respect our religious diversity have done it with usual impunity. They will not get away with it this time around”.

However, Atiku pleaded with the people of Benue state to see him as Atiku Abubakar and not as a Fulani man.

He reportedly reflected on his role during the pogrom at Zaki-Biam, Gbeji, and Adoor as well as how he steadfastly supported the people of Benue during those tough times.

Atiku said:

“We walked the streets of Zaki-Biam the day it happened, condemning the anti-Tiv violence, and were vindicated years later when the army apologized.

“I am still the same person the Zege Mule u Tiv, I can assure you that when you elect me President, no Nigerian citizen will stay in bed unable to sleep because of foreign and domestic terrorists.”