Foremost Nigerian youth leader and aviation expert, Comrade Isaac Balami has dumped the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the Labour Party, LP

Balami, who recruited northern youths throughout the region in 2015 and played a significant part in President Muhammadu Buhari’s ascent to power, revealed this in a statement he dubbed “My Critical Junction.”

The former NAAPE spokesperson announced that he was leaving the APC and joining the Obi-Datti movement because he understands the suffering of Nigerians, especially Christians, who have experienced inequity and injustice under the APC-led administration.

The erstwhile Chairman/CEO, 7STAR Hangar/Airlines hammered on the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket decision as one of the major reasons he had decided to dump the party, saying, “Looking back, Northern Muslims in Nigeria have for the past 24 years enjoyed and benefited hugely from the two highest positions being either the President or the Vice President, with the full support of Northern Christians.

“It is, therefore, unreasonable and unjust that when an opportunity for a Northern Christian to be given a chance, presented itself in the form of a running mate to the APC flag bearer, such a rare opportunity to reciprocate and heal open wounds, was missed in favor of disregard for the regional and nationwide unity we have continued to preach and demonstrate in our ways. To reconfirm my sanity, I had to evaluate to see if there was a qualified, fit and suitable Northern Christian with the right political carriage and gravitas to assume the position of the Vice Presidential Candidate for the APC or not and of course, there are far more than one could imagine,” he said.

Speaking on why this decision is imperative at this point, he said:

“But There comes a junction, … a critical Junction, in the life of everyone when the sternest of decisions become unavoidably compelling and incontrovertible! This is the point in time when men choose the critical right and stick to it no matter the cost.

“As a foremost youth, a leading light amongst my peers, and a significant actor in one of Nigeria’s most respectable industries and economic sectors, I have to this day exhibited the highest and most profound regard for the careful balance by which our society has operated.

“I am full of respect for our founding fathers and the national establishment of this country that they have so painstakingly engineered over the decades: I grew up embracing the singular maxim: Nigeria’s UNITY is non-negotiable! I found solace in this saying so much that, as I yearned to contribute my meagre quota to national development, I would remain on solid grounds and weather every storm and tide of change in the most humane and understandable ways.”

He consequently declared that he has sacrificed his entire investment by selling his aircraft hanger in order to join in rescuing Nigeria: “Furthermore, to contribute to confronting the leadership challenges we face as a country as my commitment to save our fatherland, I have decided to sacrifice my entire investment and life’s work, to join the teeming Nigerian youths and indeed all Nigerians yearning for good governance. I have sold my majority stake in my aircraft hangar as well as my airline, to join my fellow Nigerians in the Obidient movement, just so I can more dedicatedly fight this struggle to rescue the soul of this great nation. This is my sacrifice! What is yours?” Balami said.