Armed Fulani men in police uniforms reportedly stormed a Catholic pilgrimage center in Ibite Awhum parish in Udi Local Government Area Enugu and kidnapped six worshipers.

However, the abductees later regained their freedom.

The abduction happened on Sunday, near Awhum monastery in the town.

It was reported that kidnappers ambushed the pilgrims in broad daylight while they were praying on a popular hilltop near the monastery and took them deep into the forest.

Meanwhile, public information on Wednesday indicated that all the victims had been rescued following efforts by foresters from both Udi and Enugu East Local Government to rescue them.

An eyewitness who managed to escape from the abductors said the assailants were Fulani men in police uniforms.

An eyewitness identified as Clementina Ofor said she was at the center of a praying pilgrimage when the incident occurred.

She said;

Immediately, they left with six prayer partners, I ran to the village and raised an alarm which drew the attention of villagers to the incident.

“Immediately, security agents were mobilised and they went after them in the forest,”

A source said the forest guards in the area tracked downcthe kidnappers and contacted their colleague at Ogbeke Nike, Enugu East Local Government, who also mobilised to provide reinforcement.

It was learnt that the kidnappers fled, leaving behind the captives alone in their camp where they were found by the guards, along with a victim from another incident.

Discussing their plight, the victims, who were evacuated to the monastery, said they were praying on a hilltop when they were suddenly surrounded by around seven people in police uniform, believed to be from the Fulani. They say the bandits took all their phones and ordered them to enter the forest.

They said that after treking a long way, they reached a bandit camp deep in the forest, where other bandits, about ten in number, were waiting for them.

According to the victim, for reasons unknown at the time, the kidnappers suddenly panicked and then fled into the forest, leaving them alone and confused before the forest gaurds appeared