A suspected  fraudster (yahoo boy)  and his herbalist identified as Ike, aka Ogenesu, have been arrested after policemen from the Obiaruku Police Station found suspected human body parts at the herbalist’s place in Obiaruku, Ukwuani Local Government Area, Delta State.

Around 5.20 p.m. on Friday, October 28, five police officers conducting a stop-and-search operation flagged down the suspect’s car.

The police chased after the suspect when he sped away from the police and refused to park, and eventually caught up with him.

The police discovered a note indicating the demand for human parts when searching the car.

“The individual was asked to provide a human skull, hand, and leg, according to the note. When the policemen found the letter, they inquired as to what he intended to use the listed materials for, and out of fear he said that it was for something” a source informed the newspaper.

So, the policemen started a thorough investigation by going to the Obiaruku Police Station to get a warrant to search his three-bedroom apartment. While investigating his home, they discovered a second written note that contained the identical requests as the one they had found in his car.

When the yahoo boy was being interrogated by the police, he made mention of the herbalist Ike.

A decaying body was discovered next to a fish pond as police were inspecting the herbalist’s house after the suspect led them there.

Ike, though, claimed that it was his child’s body.

He claimed:

“It was my child who has just been buried; I dug the grave and removed the body from where it was buried.”