This is Ogochukwu Anene, ADA Awka, from umuokpu community, Awka. She was married to a man from Enugu State named Mr. Ndubisi Wilson Uwadiegwu, who beat her to death and planned to bury her without properly notifying her family.

Ogo had five children, four boys and a girl. According to the oldest son, who is 14 years old, the father beat the mother to death after she asked him to buy bread for the children and he responded that he had no money. When the mother used her money to buy one loaf of bread, the father went to the kitchen and consumed the entire loaf, and when the mother confronted him about it and demanded to know why he had consumed the entire loaf without saving any for the kids, he beat her till she died.

Ogochukwu Anene served as the senior prefect of the 2000 set at Amenyi Girls Second School.