Bovi’s wife, Kris Ugboma, revealed on Monday how she underwent surgery after an ectopic pregnancy caused one of her fallopian tubes to rupture.

Bovi and wife


Kris reported that she began experiencing chronic stomach discomfort on January 14, 2022 in a lengthy Instagram post in which she reveals videos and pictures of herself in the hospital.

She required emergency surgery after tests showed that the ectopic pregnancy had perforated her uterus.

I’m sorry one of your tubes ruptured because of the ectopic pregnancy you had. You are experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding. You need surgery immediately, the doctor said, according to what she said.

She recalled her experience: “Within minutes, I was prepared for surgery; I was tested for COVID-19, strap adjustment, and movements in and out of the room.

“I was unable to comprehend what was happening. I was so weak at that time that I was unable to even pray. Since I didn’t want to panic, I was unable to phone anyone.

The only people who were aware of what was happening were Bovi and two of my buddies, Nwando and Kaine. I had never in my life had such a strong desire. And it went beyond just athletic prowess.