Martin Sampa, a Zambian man, reportedly lost consciousness when he discovered Lushomo, his wife, was actually his landlady.

Sampa has reportedly been paying the landlord 3500 kwacha (N90,000) every month for the couple’s 15-year residence in the apartment.

He gives Lushomo the money when the rent was due, and Lushomo delivers it to the “landlord.”

Lushomo realized that Sampa was having an extramarital relationship, which led to the disclosure.

Sampa then got into a quarrel and acknowledged to cheating, but he rationalized it by saying he needed a mistress so he could have intelligent conversations with her.

His wife was incensed by this and confessed that he had been paying rent despite the fact that the house they had been living in for years belonged to her, calling him a fool for doing so.

Until she showed him the evidence of the house, he was skeptical of her claim. His shock caused him to collapse.

Sampa was drenched with buckets of water by onlookers as they sought to revive him.