Photos shared and circulated online by her ex-husband Lanre Gentry showed both of them with Adekaz and Funcho at a party. However, Aigbe said in a text message to Saturday Beats that Gentry and Adeoti were never friends.

Meanwhile, American based lady, Angela Tolulade, who claims to be a friend of the Adeotis family, told Saturday Beats that Adekaz and Juwon weren’t getting along until Aigbe appeared in the photo. He said: “Adekaz and Funcho got married in the US 20 years ago. Adekaz, a licensed mortgage broker, moved to Nigeria to start a film production business.

“He came to Nigeria with Funcho who later returned to the US and said she didn’t want to stay in Nigeria. The marriage lasted until Funcho refused to come and her husband kept pushing her to come around. It is important to note that this problem has existed for almost two years. He (Adekaz) directly told her (Funcho) that he would marry another woman if she did not return as agreed.

A family friend said that Funcho refused to move to Nigeria despite pressure from her husband. He added: “Funcho Adekaz said she would not return to Nigeria because she can no longer live in Nigeria. He can decide to marry another woman in Nigeria, but once he does, it will be over between them.

If Funcho wanted his marriage to be successful, she would have returned many years ago. But she lives in Minnesota. Her first child is attending a private college in America, and Adekaz pays tuition. Nor will his other children be abandoned. Adekaz, on the other hand, is a Muslim and has the right to marry more than one woman.