Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele Bello has lambasted an artist for allegedly making a comic drawing of her.

Some days back Bello had appeared in a white sleeve and jeans apparel looking stunning.

The artist who was blown away by her looks decided to make a drawing of her.

Unfortunately, he didn’t do justice to it hence she lashed out at him.

Reacting to the artwork, the actress asked on Instagram if it was right for him to make such a caricature of her, and how many would accuse her of using her celebrity power if she orders his arrest.

Also, she vowed to handle him appropriately whenever she catches him.

She said:

When I call for the arrest of this guy @bodataiye_oniyakuya Y’all will start saying I’m using celebrity power. Hmmm, so you think this is right? @bodataiye_oniyakuya if I catch you, you go sweat inside winter.

See the post below: