Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the general overseer of Salvation Ministries, has sworn to arrest anyone who disrespects and misquotes him online.

Speaking on Sunday, July 24, in his church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the preacher also vowed to arrest and imprison the offender’s parents.

He reportedly said, “All those folks who are on their laptops right now who are unemployed won’t listen to what I am preaching; instead, they are waiting for me to say something then they say, ‘Pastor David Ibiyeomie said,'”

You won’t listen to what I’m saying; your task is to sit down in front of the laptop. I’m preaching now, some individuals on social media do nothing except listen for what I’m going to say so they can misquote me, which is why they aren’t progressing. Simply said, if you misquote me, I’ll battle you spiritually, physically, and legally.

Anyone who insults me on social media will be arrested, I’ve vowed. Throw your mother and father in jail, and I’ll lock you up. You understand why, right? They are making fun of you since you don’t lock people up. Misquoting another person is unethical.

Visit a lawyer and ask. I’ll file a lawsuit against you. By the time I tell you, the damage has reached 10 billion Naira, as my capacity is 50 billion. You will pay with all of your life savings. Don’t assume someone is misquoting you when they aren’t. Do you realize that it’s illegal to be photographed in public without your consent? Lawyers will inform you if you ask them.

You are violating my privacy, thus I’m suing you. Your mother and father would come and beg by the time I claim N10–20 billion. I’ll follow you with prayer, police, and the entire army. You’ll learn how to speak next time.

If someone insults you, don’t go to church; instead, get them arrested and locked up while you take them to court, win your case, and have the judges send them to prison wearing green uniforms. They’ll leave you alone.