The Nigerian Actor, Yul Edochie who previously disclosed that he had accepted his calling to be a man of God, sent a message to those who were skeptical of him. In his words “I’m not your regular man of God.”

Recall that Yul Edochie declared that he has been called of God to be a pastor.

The self acclaimed man of God took to his IG page on Sunday to his respond to his detractors. He said they should give up on trying to understand “the calling of God” on his life, since they’ll never comprehend it.

He further added, I’m not your regular man of God,” but rather a strong one chosen by God from birth.

He wrote, “Are you wondering why God chose me? Don’t bother, you may never understand it. I don’t understand it myself.”

“I guess that’s because it’s not my duty or yours to understand it, it my duty to do his work and spread his message.

“God chose me from birth. I’m not your regular man of God that will tell you what you want to hear and make money from it.

I’m a man after God’s own heart, I’m a rugged minister of God.

“I was chosen by God to tell his people the truth, and that truth is LOVE. I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. Religion has divided us more than it has united us.

“You all will be hearing from me from time to time, as you go to church today and put your offering in church, remember the beggars and less privileged at the gate, they need your help. Happy Sunday.”