American billionaire, Elon Musk has said that he’s cool with going to hell after his last breath.

He made this known on his official Twitter page on Monday, May 9, when he replied to a Twitter user on his official page.

Recall that the Musk shared a disturbing tweet where he spoke about the likelihood of him dying under unknown or mysterious circumstances.

Musk tweeted,

If I die because of unfathomable or unknown situations, it will be nice knowing ya,”

Reacting to his tweet,  a Twitter user advised him to profess the existence of the supreme being (God)  before his last breath.

He wrote,

You won’t die before your day comes, Elon. After all, you are the only unique personality in this world.

I just want to ask you one thing. As a genius, don’t you know that there is great creators of this world?

“If you know, you must make sure you confess this before your last breathe. Bless you.

In response, Musk said he doesn’t have a problem with going to hell because many people will also be there.

“Thanks for the blessing, but I’m cool with going to hell, if that is my destination, since large number of all humans ever born will be there,” he replied.

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