Clapping is a mockery, according to well-known cleric Abel Damina, hence it is improper for churches to use it as a form of worship.

In a recent sermon, a pastor from the Power City International Church maintained that clapping was not a scriptural form of praise.

Damina acknowledged the lifting of hands in worship while emphasizing on the accepted pattern of exhalation in God’s doctrine.

He said;
“How can you clap for Jesus? You clap for yourself, clap for your uncle, clap for your president, then you clap for Jesus, are they mate? In the bible when he says clap, it actually saying mock the people, clapping is for mockery. That’s why in the new testament there’s no teaching on clapping…..

“When it comes to God who exalt an worship him according to the scripture we lift up holy hands. We relate to God doctrinally, when you’re not taught you will still be clapping.

“The only way we celebrate God’s goodness is by lifting up our hands. We don’t clap for Jesus we wave in honor. You don’t worship God on your terms you worship God on his terms.”