Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, fondly called RMD has confessed to having willfully avoided the pulpit for over 15 years after he taught in a Sunday school.

He revealed that there have been several instances where people have noted how they see him as a pastor in their dreams.

RMD confessed that truly he has been running away from the pulpit for many years after his last experience.

He noted that he had been able to avoid his call in the reality but not in movie roles.

The 60-year-old thespian asked fans to check out for the movie, “Cold” where he once again played the character of a man of God.

He said:

True Story! There was a time when for every other day or week, somebody would tell me they had a dream where they saw me as a pastor. Having taught Sunday school for over 15 years it was not far-fetched.

Besides every perceived Bad Boy is supposed to end up in full-time ministry right? So, what did I do? Run!

I’ve avoided the pulpit with trepidation. But just like Jonah, I continue to end up somehow in the belly of the calling where I have played a pastor or reverend father more than anything else in my acting life. 

God does have an amazing sense of humour. I’m not even sure as I write this if I’ve fully escaped the CALL!

Until date I still frighten myself every time I’ve had to speak in a church because when I take the pulpit, the Holy Spirit takes over.

And so once again I embark into a world of make-believe where I play yet another man of God. I invite you on this epic cinematic journey into the spirit realm!”

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