Rapper Brittany Nicole Carpentero, a US-based Jamaican national, AKA, Diamond The Body said she has had about 2,000 sexual partners between when she was 12 till date.

The rap and hip hop diva spoke about her sex life in a recent interview.

According to her, she lost her virginity at 12 and has since been intimate with 2,000 people of both genders.

The rapper who seemed proud of her body count noted no one can judge her except God.

“I’m telling you my own truth. I lost my virginity at 12 years old. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. But between 12 to now for my body count, I’d say [I’ve slept with] like 2,000.

I’ve done a lot of women too. I’ve been doing men and I’ve been doing women. 2000 sexual partners, absolutely. It is what it is. Only God can judge me. I don’t care.”