Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, has spoken out against the country rising issue of jungle justice.

This comes after two lynching incidents that went viral last week. Deborah Yakubu, a 200-level student at the Sheu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, was lynched to death on Thursday, May 12, after being accused of blasphemy.

Also on Monday, David Sundya, a sound engineer, was burned to death by a motorcyclist following a price dispute in Lekki, Lagos.

The actor Posted a video of Sunday’s widow, Grace, on his Instagram page on Wednesday, the actor condemned the growing trend of Nigerians resorting to mob action and violence instead of allowing the law to take its due cause.

Ekubo said;

I woke up this morning with so much pain in my heart. Nigeria, how did we get here? There is so much anger and frustration in the land. Almost everyone is two seconds away from turning into a werewolf.

“Please I am begging, this #JungleJustice trend needs to stop. Today is Deborah and David, tomorrow it can be me, you, or someone close to home, take a minute and think about it.

“Like how are you going about your business, and suddenly you stop to mob, lynch and set another human being ablaze, in the public glare of everyone. You need to be evaluated in a mental institution, arrested, and locked away permanently, you are a menace to society and not fit to coexist. Who made you judge, jury, and executor?” He wrote in the caption.

Quoting the Nigerian Constitution, Ekubo also stated, “Section 33(1) of the Nigerian constitution provides that ‘every person has right to life and no one should be deprived intentionally of his life.”

“More often than not, innocent people are the victims of jungle justice. We are still trying to find #JusticeForDeborah now we also seeking #JusticeForDavid, we can’t keep losing Nigerian youths to senseless killings. 

He also urged lawmakers to pass strict laws to abolish jungle justice as is “barbaric, inhumane and uncivilized.