An unidentified man has spoke about his ordeal in the hands of suspected kidnappers. He and some other persons were abducted in Lekki area of Lagos State.

The victim in a viral video on Thursday said he entered a commercial bus to Iyana-Oworo area of the state. However, in the course of the journey, he realized that he had fallen into the hands of kidnappers.

In his words, he said, “I got into a bus heading to Iyana Oworo and noticed this weird smell. Anybody who has been in a military training or setting will know about gasses that knock people off. I knew that was what it was, so I spat in my handkerchief and used it to cover my nose.

“In about five to 10 minutes, every other passenger in the bus had fallen asleep except members of the team who had all used nose masks to cover their noses.”

“So, we started exchanging words. I was not rude or anything but begging them that they should have my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S22 which costs N1.3m and could still be sold for N800,000.”

He mentioned that he offered them his ATM card for them to empty his account. The kidnappers took his gold necklace but they didn’t let him leave the bus. This is because they wanted to get to where they’ll kill him and his body dismembered.

He mentioned that;

“The bus then parked in a dark path under Adeniji Bridge before they brought me out. They started using cutlass, knives and different weapons on me. I am an African man and I am fortified. When they discovered that the knives, dagger and cutlasses were not cutting my body, about three of them held my neck and another two held my hands to the back and they put a knife on my neck to slaughter me but it wasn’t penetrating.”

The man said when the attempt to butcher him failed, the suspects leader speaking in Hausa language gave his men order use their boot to hit his head.

Narrating Further about the kidnappers;

He said, “So, I reached out for my bag which was on the ground, reached for a knife inside the bag and started waving it recklessly. In the process, it cut one of them in the tummy, one in the neck and another in the eye. They started bleeding profusely.

“Their leader told them that they had gotten the rest who were asleep and they should deliver them and leave me that at the end of the day I would die from all they had done to me. All the people I just talked about were Northerners. These people have even entered Lagos State,” he added.

Benjamin Hundeyin, The State Police Public Relations Officer said in a tweet that an in-depth investigation has begun regarding the matter.