On Thursday, interior designer Joy Nwachukwu shared her experience of being kidnapped in Abuja.

Nwachukwu, who tweeted her encounter with the kidnappers, said she boarded a vehicle from Peace Park junction heading to Life Camp, only to find herself in the arms of kidnappers.

She said,

“The other guy that entered with me alighted at Airport junction just by the AP filling station. Immediately he got down, they zoomed off. Before I could turn my head I got beaten from left, right and centre, was macheted in my hand, punched directly in both eyes.”

Nwachukwu said she passed out and woke up on Kaduna Street. A call to her mother save the situation because the mother agreed to pay them the offered amount.

They demanded a ransom of 1 million naira.

After paying 400,000 naira, she said that she was dropped off at 2.25am at Life Camp junction and was given N2,000 for transport.

Nwachukwu announced that she had been admitted to the Abuja National Hospital Trauma Center and reported the incident to the Utako Police Department.