A lady identified as Omotoyosi has voluntarily presented herself at the police station after she tweeted about being kidnapped and raped.

Omotoyosi, on Thursday morning, generated a lot of controversy after a tweet she made about being kidnapped and raped went viral.

In her tweet, she also stated the location where her kidnappers held her against her will and released their numbers to the public.

Some minutes later, Omotoyosi deleted the post and debunked the claim that she was in any danger.

“I tweeted earlier that I was kidnapped and raped. It’s false. I’m so sorry for this. Please stop calling and threatening the numbers,” she wrote.

She further released a video to prove to the public that she was actually fine.

In the video, Omotoyosi said, “I am fine. I was not kidnapped or raped. I am fine and I am not making this video under duress or anything. I am very okay, I am in my house. Please stop calling or threatening those numbers. Thank you very much.”

There has been an outrage on social media following her tweets, with many people condemning her action.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said the lady was being investigated.

He said, “The lady has voluntarily presented herself at the police station. Questioning is ongoing. We will keep you updated.”