The spoke-man of the Lagos state police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has come out to confirm that eight of Davido’s domestic staff have been brought in for interrogation following the drowning of Ifeanyi, his son.

Ifeanyi, who reportedly turned three on the 20th of October, drowned in the swimming pool in the singer’s Banana Island home on Monday, 31st of October.

Speaking to LIB, SP Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed that eight of the singer’s domestic staff were brought in for interrogation today November 1st. He said that after investigation, those who were found guilty will remain for further investigation while those who were found innocent will be released.

“They were brought in for questioning, not arrest. Anybody found not culpable will be released immediately while those found culpable will remain with us to further our investigation.” He said.

According to numerous reports close to the heartbreaking incident, the Nanny was with Ifeanyi and the Chef came in to join them. The nanny was said to have moved slightly away to take a phone call. On her return, she couldn’t find Ifeanyi and assumed he was with the Chef but the Chef said he had left Ifeanyi with her, on that note; they began to frantically look for Ifeanyi all over the house for close to 20 minute until a security guard spotted him in the pool.

Several report sindicate that nobody could explain how the boy got in the pool.

Davido and Chioma was said to be back from their trip to the devastating news.

The singer and his fiancé are inconsolable. The boy’s body has been taken to the mortuary and they’re indications that an autopsy will be done to determine the cause of the boy’s death.

All friends and family have been banned from visiting the Singer’s father’s house where he and Chioma are holed up.