Dr.Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia, has come under fire for allegedly attacking a lady with his children after the lady allegedly fought his daughter over a man.

Ayokhai, who apparently works in the institution’s history and international relations departments, was captured on video beating and stripping the woman who is now known as Blessing Mathias naked.

Before being attacked, Blessing beat Emmanuella, the lecturer’s daughter, for attempting to snatch her boyfriend, IG. She found Nuella had her boyfriend’s number on her phone, which she wouldn’t remove, and they got into a fight over it. Then Blessing gathered her friends to beat Emmanuella. While her friends were recording, she was seen slapping Emmanuella and beating her from various angles while requesting that she remove the phone number.

Days after it happened, Emmanuella attacked Blessing in retaliation with the help of her father, Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, and his brother, Praise Shola, as well as other people.

As seen in a viral video, Blessing was stripped naked by Ayokhai while being driven to an unidentified location. Ayokhai used scissors to sever Blessing’s cloth.