Yul Edochie’s second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu, a Nollywood actor, made a cryptic post after discovering that her husband had re-followed his first wife, May, on Instagram.

Soon after Yul Edochie revealed his second wife and their child a few months ago, his first wife May attacked him in the post’s comment area and unfollowed him on Instagram.

A few weeks later, the father of four also unfollowed May, sparking outrage on social media at the time. A check of the actor’s page, however, reveals a recent update in which he has re-followed May on Instagram, though May has not yet done the same.

Not long after this discovery, his second wife, Judy Austin posted a cryptic message on her instagram account emphasizing the need for being real and not allowing people’s views to influence one’s lifestyle.

“Two traps you need to avoid:

1: Caring what they think!
2: Thinking that they care!
Make up your own minds my darlings,”