Oyo State Police Command have arrested Ojo Adeagbo, 27, for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl in the Olodo area of Ibadan.

Police spokesman Adevale Ocifeso, who confirmed the incident to RadioNigerian Ibadan, said the suspect was a friend of the brother of the rape victim and had been with the victim family for more than two years.

Talking about her ordeal, the teen said Ojo called her to get something for him, but on reaching him, she said he covered her mouth and pounced on her. She said that ever since they first met, Ojo ended up turning her into a sex slave and had been sexually harassing her for the past seven months.

The teenager also revealed that the man was in the habit of wiping her private part with a new handkerchief any time she had carnal knowledge of her.

As for why he didn’t report the case earlier, the teenager said Ojo allegedly warned him not to tell her parents or he would kill all her family members.

A medical examination of the teenager at the Oyo State Hospital, Yemetu, Ibadan confirmed that the hymen was damaged.

It was also gathered that the suspect had also attempted to have sexual intercourse with the victim’s 11-year-old sister after watching porn with her.