A yet to be identified man has reportedly committed suicide by hanging at the flyover near the NNPC filling station. This happened on the Abacha Expressway in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

We gathered that resident of that area found the victim’s corpse dangling on the rail of the flyover on Sunday.

While most people are of the school of thought that the deceased was insane, others however suggest that he committed suicide because he was tired of life.

A resident, who goes by the name Mercy Didi mentioned that until the victims death, he was actually seen at the Swali Market in the area.

“But I can’t say if his mad or not. But what I do know is that anytime I see him he doesn’t seem like a mad person, Mercy said.”

Another resident of the area, Luke Armstrong, said, “Maybe he committed suicide as a result of frustration. Life is difficult, even in this state, things are hard, and everyone is just managing. But circumstances shouldn’t make you commit suicide. This man isn’t a mad man. He killed himself because he was frustrated.”

The State Police Public Relation Officer was notified about the incidents. Officer Asinim Butswat, did confirm the incidents.

He said, “We have not been able to identify him since the development came up yesterday. However, the corpse has been removed from the scene by the police. The corpse has been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre Mortuary.

No one has come forward to identify him (the deceased)