A man who boasted about taking nine bottles of locally brewed alcoholic drink “Ogogoro” without getting intoxicated, has died after carrying out the act.

An indigenous person from Plateau State’s Bokkos local government area had asked the local gin vendor to give him 11 bottles. He boasted that he would finish it without anything bad happening.

The man succeeded in gulping down nine bottles, but he was unable to finish the other two, according to Hafsat Abubakar of the Conflict Mediation Mitigation Regional Council (CMMRC) Plateau Chapter.

He immediately gave up the ghost while the seller packed up her wares and took to her heels.

Before the man died, he was vomiting blood profusely from the nose, ears and mouth.

Abubakar went on to say that hunter who was passing by was horrified to see the deceased man and alerted the villagers who carried him for burial.

The deceased left behind a wife and five children.