A middle-aged man has died while attempting to steal electric cables from a transformer. This happened at Lakeview Homes Estates Phase II, Mabushi area of Abuja, FCT.

Residents told Torireporters that around 4 am, a tenant observed that the power supply wasn’t restored in his apartments. Even when neighboring residence had light.

He went ahead to ask a doorkeeper to check the transformer. On reaching there, the doorkeeper saw a man lying close to the transformer. The person was later found death.

The tenant was then informed of the incident. And they informed the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) officials. They however had to send some of their men to the place.

He said “When the AEDC team arrived at the site, they discovered that the man was electrocuted while trying to steal transformer cables.

This is because, the victim had already uprooted two wires, a resident said.

The AEDC had to inform the policepolice, who later reached out to his family members through the deceased phone contact. The body of the victim was taken to the Mabushi police division.

The police had later released the body to the family.

One of the residents complained about the influx of scavengers in recent weeks. Who he mentioned “constituted a nuisance to the resident.”