A Nigerian man has been found alive three days after floods reportedly carried him away along the East-West Road in Bayelsa state.

Community manager Akpos Malafakumo Best, who shared pictures of the man on social media, claimed that the man was found alive in the same location.

Before being found, the man reportedly spent three days and three nights in the water while clinging to a stick.

The photos Akpos shared showed rescuers using a canoe to transport the trapped man to safety.

Akpo’s wrote on Twitter: 

“This young man was swept away by the water current at this very spot East-West Road 3days ago. He had been in the water holding onto a stick for 3 days and night, only to be rescued today alive. Please, don’t travel East-West & Ugheli-Bayelsa roads for now.” 

See photos below:

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