Men from the Oyo state police command have arrested and paraded a 40-year-old herb seller who is accused of killing his creditor, an elderly man named Rufus Olayinwola.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, August 8, SP Adewale Osifeso, the state police command’s spokesperson, described the suspect as having killed the elderly man on June 19 in Ibadan in order to avoid paying back the money the victim had lent him.

Oyifeso claims that after killing the victim, the suspect also stole the car that was used as security for the loan. According to him, the suspect was found to have a stolen Lexus 300 and pepper spray.

The suspect admitted to carrying out the murder when speaking to newsmen. He claimed that after pushing the deceased, he died immediately.

According to the suspect;

“This is the sixth vehicle I’ve used as loan collateral with the man, who eventually sold it when I couldn’t pay the loan back and received the remaining money instead.

I went to the man to return some of the money he had lent me since I didn’t want to lose this last car, but he refused to take the money.

“This led to an argument between me and the man, and I pushed him to the wall, which lead to his death, before taking the car away.”