A middle-aged guy named Kazeem Muhammed fled after killing his father in the Suleja neighborhood of Kwankashe, Niger State, as a result of an argument.

It was claimed that the horrible tragedy happened on Wednesday, a day of grief.

It was discovered that Kazeem had been upset with his father for more than a year since he married a second wife.

According to Daily Trust, a brother to the deceased, Isah, said that soon after killing his father, Kazeem fled.

He said,;

“The boy is a drug addict and is always involved in bad activities. While they were arguing on Wednesday morning, he carried a plank and hit his father who fell on the floor. Immediately Kazeem noticed that he ran away. We rushed my brother to the hospital, but he died afterwards.”

He added that the incident had been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities and that his brother’s remains had been buried in accordance with Islamic customs.

Meanwhile, the local police have chosen not to comment on the incident.